Rolle der Steward Owners

Rolle der Steward Owners

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How is the role of steward-owner defined (besides ownership) and how does it relate to other roles in the company? What task and purpose does the role serve?

The role of the steward-owners



In principle, it is important to understand what responsibilities and duties the owners of steward-owned companies have to carry out (see also

). In particular, a distinction must be drawn between steward-ownership and other corporate roles within the company. The role of the managing directors and employees is clearly distinguished from that of the owner, although there might be some overlap between these roles. For a large number of decisions in the daily life of the company, employees or employee teams, and, with legal consequences, the managing directors are responsible. These levels are not necessarily affected by the distribution of ownership (voting rights).

In Germany, owners of companies with the legal form of a GmbH/UG typically decide on issues such as the approval of the annual financial statements and the allocation of profits, the appointment and dismissal of the management and amendments to the articles of association. Individuals who hold voting rights in a company should, therefore, be in a position and suitable to make these decisions.

It is also important to note that the decision-making culture at the management and cooperation levels is not directly related to the distribution of voting rights. Nevertheless, the choice of stewards in steward-owned companies should ideally reflect the existing culture in an indirect manner.

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